Summary: These data include 180 healthy controls from a community (student) sample at Beijing Normal University in China. Compared to the Beijing_Zang dataset in the 1000 Functional Connectomes Classic collection these data include IQ scores for a subset of participants (n=55) and a 64 directions DTI scan for all participants.

The following data are released for every participant:

Some of the participants included in this release were also previously released as part of the Beijing_Zang dataset in the 1000 Functional Connectomes classic collection. Consequently, this dataset should should NOT be combined with the Beijing_Zang datasets.

Creative Commons License: Attribution - Non-Commercial


Initial analyses of the data included in this release are described in the following manuscripts:

For part of the DTI data:

Please include the following grant acknowledgement in any publications arising from these data: Financial support for the data used in this project was provided by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China: 30770594 and a grant from the National High Technology Program of China (863): 2008AA02Z405.


Data Release Table

release notes: The resting state and dti scan of 8 subjects in the initial release did not contain all available timepoints/directions due to an image trasnferring error. The R-FMRI scans of the following subjects were missing timepoints: 1060223, 1087458, 1109216, 1144147, 1151558, 1152647, 1221883. The DTI scans of the following subjects were missing directions: 1060223, 1087458, 1144147, 1151558, 1116106. In addition, subjects 1891215 and 2003347 were wrongly assigned two imaging sessions. Finally, we were able to recover an anatomical scan for subject 2323534. To disseminate these updates we provided the '11 subject update release'. In addition, the part1 and part2 releases which contained the involved subjects have been updated accordingly.
BeijingEnhanced 11 Subject Update

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